27X MF Century


Warranty (Months)12
Length (mm)302
Width (Mmm)174
Case Height (mm)200
Total Height (mm)220
Weight (kg)23.5
Terminal TypeSTD/WN
Hold DownSIDE
Special FeaturesAGM, CH, FA, MF, VR

If you need a rugged power source that can keep up with harsh Australian driving conditions, you need a Century Dual Force Battery. These 4WD batteries feature a maintenance-free design giving you maximum meaning no pesky fluid top-ups. Semi-cycling capabilities means ths unit is suitable for cranking as well as running power hungry onboard accessories, making it perfect for use in a dual battery set-up as the primary or secondary battery. Advanced absorbed glass matting technology provides superior power cycling capabilities, giving you better vibration and corrosion resistance as well as extending the battery lifespan.The Century 27XMF is suitable for a range of modern Asian-built and other imported 4WD vehicles with power hungry electronics on-board, and can also be used as a light commercial truck battery. With 750CCA and 90AH at the turn of a key, this is a premium 4×4 battery for drivers that need the most out of their ride.


  • Reliable starting power built tough for Australian conditions
  • 12 month warranty keeps you driving with confidence
  • Maintenance-free design so you can set it and forget it
  • Semi-cycling battery made for cranking, as well as running power-hungry accessories
  • Great for dual battery systems, able to be mounted under bonnet
  • AGM technology for superior cycling lifespan and low self-discharge potential
  • Features both standard and wingnut terminal posts