Chevrolet & GMC Caravan Camera Integration


  • Plug and Play installation
  • Use your factory display as a rear view mirror while driving forwards without affecting the sound from the factory audio system
  • See behind your caravan/trailer while reversing
  • Activated by an external switch
  • Supports Cameras with NTSC Video Format
  • Possible to add up to two additional cameras to the display
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Activated by an external switch
  • Additional camera/s must be NTSC Video Format
  • This system does not include the “Transparent Trailer” or “Pic-in-pic Side View” that genuine GM camera system has.

The new Chevrolet & GMC vehicles are very popular tow vehicles that come with an 8″ factory screen, so it makes sense to integrate a caravan camera into that existing screen and avoid mounting additional displays on the dash.

Many of these vehicles also come with a trailer connection at the back of the vehicle, however to use this a special caravan camera must be purchased through HSV and installed. While the functionality of the HSV camera is awesome, changing cameras on your caravan can often be a difficult and expensive process.

We have developed this kit for those who are happy to see their camera image displayed on the factory screen in full and to utilize the existing camera/s they have installed on their caravan.

Compatible with the following Vehicles that have the Infotainment 3 factory system:-

  • Chevrolet Silverado from 2021 (factory dash must look identical to the pictures above)
  • GMC Sierra from 2021 (factory dash must look identical to the pictures above)