Enerdrive – Simarine Quadro Shunt Module SCQ25T with Tank interface


Looking for a highly versatile Digital Shunt Module for monitoring smaller consumers like refrigerator, lights, pumps and/or generators like solar, wind, DC2DC or AC Battery charger?

SCQ25T its an innovative combination of Shunt, Tank interface and Voltage module.

4 x 25A Current Sensors, For 12v and 24v Systems
Connection Possibilities;
Up To 4 x Consumer Devices
Up To 4 x Generators
Up to 3 x Voltage Inputs
Up to 7 x Resitive Inputs
1 x Relay Input With Monitoring Possibilities;

Up To 3 X Batteries, Up To 7 x Tanks, Up To 4 x Temperatures

SI-SCQ25T Quad Shunt 4 x 25A Circuits Module
Operating Power Source Voltage Range 6-35V
Temperature Range -20 – +70°C
Power Consumption at 12V, Operating 2.5mA
Current Measuring Channels 4 Per Channel 0.01 – 25A
Accuracy ± 0.6 %, Resolution 0.01A, Sampling Rate 100ms
Maximum Current Continuous 25A Peak Current (<1 min) 35A Peak Current (<5 sec) 50A
Voltage Drop at 200 A 35mV, Maximum voltage on connections 35V
Voltage Inputs Range 0 – 75 V
Maximum Operating Current 1A, Maximum Common Input Voltage (COM) 6 – 30 V
Connectivity Up To Current Sensors 4
Voltage Sensors (voltage drop/tank level) 3
Resistive Inputs (tank level/temperature) 4
Relay Common Input (COM) 1, Relay Output Normally Open (NO) 1, Relay Output Normally Closed (NC) 1
SiCOM RJ9 Sockets 2