Enerdrive – “The Voyager” Power System


Enerdrive have developed an all new canopy system, Through extensive research on new manufacturing methods and hundreds of hours of physical prototype testing.

Featuring their new 3000W/100A Inverter-Charger unit, paired with our B-TEC range of batteries, the Voyager leads the charge in delivering truly next-generation off-grid power capabilities.

  • Includeds 3000W/100A Inverter Charger. Power high-draw appliances up to 3000W and recharge a monstrous 100A from mains power or generator via the build-in inverter-charger.
  • Includes 40+ DC2DC Charger. Charge from solar panels up to 45 VOC or your vehicle’s alternator whilst driving ( 12/24V start batteries).
  • Stay In Control. Monitor battery, loads, charge input, and water/fuel tanks via the simarine battery monitor or your mobile devices.
  • Stay Connected. Includes laser-etched rocker switches, 1 x USB socket, 1 x CIG socket, 1 x Anderson plug socket and twin double-pole RCD-Protected powerpoints.
  • Choose Your Orientations. Available as a left side, right side, or top (celling) mount orentation.
  • Build To Last. Covered by Enerdrive | Dometic’s 5 year warranty.


  • Complete Accessibility. The Voyager has been designed and built to give you access to every part of the build you may need without the hassle of finding tools to remove bulky covers or shifting everything within the canopy to access the side of your system. All of your loads connect via the custom flush mounted 1 in, 12 out fuse panel at the top of the system, main system breakers are located at the bottom of the system and a subtle finger hole in the bottom grill gives you access to the Combi’s RCD reset switch.
  • Designed To Maximise Your Space. The Voyager has been designed to make use of all available space in your canopy build. The octagonal shape allows you to push the Voyager closer to the door return on your canopy while still allowing access to the fuse panel when needed. The most prominent design feature of Voyager is the angled display panel. This panel allows you to read and access your instruments with greater ease no matter the orientation or mounting location.
  • Hand Built By The Experts In Mobile Power Solutions. The Voyager is completely built and wired in house using only the best components to guarantee that every system meets our incredibly high standards. ENERDRIVE | DOMETIC Accessories Range components provide the ultimate in accessibility, with every system coming as standard with our own 1 in/12 out fuse block, an individually monitored Anderson Plug outlet and 2 x 12V socket outlets.



  • Dimension: 830W x 700H x 155Dmm
  • 5 year warranty
  • Charge via a vehicle input, Solar or Mains Power:
    • Vehicle: 12 or 24v 40A+ Output
    • Solar (DC2DC): up to 45V/800W
    • Mains 240V: 100A Charging
  • Inverter suitable for appliances that use up to 3000W of power for operation, such as induction cooktops, microwaves, coffee machines and more
  • Monitor battery, loads, charge input, and water/fuel tanks via the Simarine battery monitor or your mobile devices
  • Custom rocker switches available
  • Intelligent face panel design gives you access to:
    • 4 x Customisable laser-etched rocker switches
    • 1 x USB socket
    • 1 x Cig socket
    • 1 x Anderson plug socket
    • 1 x Twin RCD-protected powerpoint
    • 1 x (Optional) Inclinometer
    • 8 x ATO (Blade fuses) for easy sizing of your circuit protection