JW Speaker – Headlight Restoration Mild Damage


Headlight restoration, not just for old vehicles.
As vehicles age, the plastic headlight lenses deteriorate as a result of abrasion and UV exposure. The headlights become a dirty yellow colour with an opaque surface. This surface damage can dramatically reduce the light output and make headlights less effective if not treated early.

Below are two examples of damaged headlight lenses of varying scales. The first image shows Mild Damage and the second image shows Heavy Damage.

It has never been easier to restore a car’s headlights to be clearer and with dramatically improved lighting performance.

The Invision Headlight Restoration Kits are designed to restore plastic headlight lenses back to as new condition. The recommendation of which product to use depends on the type of damage your headlight has. Using the above images as a reference, the following products will apply:

HRK05 – Mild Damage: The kit includes easy to use sachets to restore a mildly damaged headlight lens.

HRK01 – Heavy Damage: The kit includes all cleaners, sandpaper, UV resurface coating and a detailed instruction sheet to restore a heavily damaged headlight lens.