Hulk 4×4 – Off road Jockey wheel

The HULK 4X4 Jockey Wheel is the toughest, most advanced Jockey Wheel
in Australia today.
Not only are they tough, but versatile too – with multiple height options, a highly manoeuvrable trailing yoke
design & different yoke locking positions.
Thoroughly tested & continually improved, HULK 4X4 Jockey Wheels help set the standard within the camper
trailer & caravan industry

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    Heavy Duty Static Load Rating 750kg, Dual wheel with sealed bearings & off-road tread

    Highly rust resistant, Salt spray tested for 600hrs

    Heavy duty square body & swivel clamp, Increases load capacity and eliminates ‘bend’ under weight

    4 Height positions, 250mm height adjustability at each of type 4 positions

    Swivel plate

    Dual wheel with sealed bearings & off-road tread

    Increases off-road grip and spreads the load

    Variable yoke lock, Locks the yoke in 5 different positions for safe stowage

    Unique trailing yoke design

    Wheel pivots easily, even under heavy load

    Powder-coated finish,  Pre-zinced for rust resistance