LED Headlight SUPER CANbus H7


JW Speaker H7 SUPER CANbus LED Headlight Kit Suits Model 4000 & DirectFit is perfect for any vehicle that has a complex CANbus System.
Made for very modern systems the JW Speaker H7 SUPER CANbus LED Kit will remove those unwanted warnings from your dash & system.

○ Suits: JW Speaker Model 4000 & DirectFit (possibly other LED brands)
○ Globe Base Type: H7 (Pair)
○ Voltage: 12V
○ Ideal for Late model VW Amarok (2019 onwards), Holden Colorado / Trailblazer, Holden VF Commodore, BMW X5 (E70) + Many more
○ IP Rating: IP65
○ Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +80°C
○ Pair of CANbus Modules

*Please ask if you are unsure if suits your model vehicle, we are always happy to help. This product is polarity sensitive meaning the H7 male plug needs to be connected correctly into the original vehicle plug. The product will not function correctly otherwise.

There are a number of vehicles that have such strong CANbus systems that they require what we are calling the SUPER CANbus. Thankfully they have only ever been required in the H7 bulb fitting type and are confirmed to work in the following vehicles:

  • Late model VW Amarok (2019 onwards)
  • Holden Colorado / Trailblazer
  • Holden VF Commodore
  • BMW X5 (E70 Tested)

For other specific CANbus fitting details, please call us to discuss