JW Speaker Direct Fit – LED Headlight Conversion Kits


Identical connection system to halogen bulbs
JW Speaker understand that their traditional LED Bulb Kit, the Evolution 4000, may not physically fit all vehicles. There have been some instances of the aluminium base hitting the plastic molding of the headlight, stopping the bulb from locking and securing into place. For this reason JW Speaker have launched a brand new range of LED bulbs called Direct Fit.

These new bulbs share an identical connection system to the halogen bulbs they are going to replace, meaning there is no extra wiring or modules to fit into the headlight. This range really is as simple as removing the old halogen bulb and replacing it with the new LED bulb.

This range will replace the Driverless 3600 range as they share the same specifications at 1800 lumen per bulb but the Direct Fit mounting options are far superior.

Direct Fit products are NOT reverse polarity compatible. You must connect the vehicle plug onto the Direct Fit bulb the correct way (Positive to positive, negative to negative). If a bulb does not illuminate on first install, please flip the plug around and try again.

Some vehicle electronic systems may conflict with the LED bulb. This range of bulbs comes with built in CANbus technology to cancel out those issues however there may be some vehicles who’s electronic systems are so technical that they may require an additional CANbus unit during installation. The CANbus unit will allow the vehicle’s electronics to accept the LED bulb into its system.


6 LED chip per beam – 18W, 1800 Lumens per bulb
Precise light source, 6000K colour , Ultra long life
12-24V Multivolt, Shock resistant
Will operate in temperatures -40/+130°C, IP65 Weather resistant
Internal driver and CANbus technology

Kit Contents, 2 x LED Headlight bulbs


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Before fitting the LED headlight conversion kit, we suggest you consult a qualified Auto Electrician or call Invision Sales to see if your vehicle is listed as requiring an additional CANbus product.
The majority of vehicles will not require any additional products.
The H7 Direct Fit bulb (999007) is not suitable for a 2010 Hyundai i30 & 2012 Nissan Dualis. Unfortunately the product does not fit in the housing.

999001Direct Fit – 12/24V LED Bulb Kit 6000K – H1download2$
999003Direct Fit – 12/24V LED Bulb Kit 6000K – H3download2$
999004Direct Fit – 12/24V LED Bulb Kit 6000K – H4download2$
999005Direct Fit – 12/24V LED Bulb Kit 6000K – HB3download2$
999006Direct Fit – 12/24V LED Bulb Kit 6000K – HB4download2$
999007Direct Fit – 12/24V LED Bulb Kit 6000K – H7download2$
999007PDirect Fit – 12/24V LED Bulb Kit 6000K – H7 Projectordownload2$
999010Direct Fit – 12/24V LED Bulb Kit 6000K – H10download2$
999011Direct Fit – 12/24V LED Bulb Kit 6000K – H8/H9/H11/H16download2$
999012Direct Fit – 12/24V LED Bulb Kit 6000K – HIR2download2$
999013Direct Fit – 12/24V LED Bulb Kit 6000K – H13download2$
999015Direct Fit – 12/24V LED Bulb Kit 6000K – H15download2$
999015RDirect Fit – 12/24V LED Bulb Kit 6000K – H15 Ford Rangerdownload2$
999016Direct Fit – 12/24V LED Bulb Kit 6000K – HB1/9004download2$
999017Direct Fit – 12/24V LED Bulb Kit 6000K – HB5/9007download2$
999881Direct Fit – 12/24V LED Bulb Kit 6000K – H27/880 & 881download2$

Warranty – 1 Year – Standard driving conditions: For normal day to day driving & recreational 4×4