• Voltage range: 9-36V
• 150W, 12 x 5W spot, 18 x 5W flood, white LP LEDs (Driving Light)
• 24W, 8 x 3W amber LP LEDs (Warning Light) Class 1 SAE/J595
• Free form reflector design (Combination Beam)
• One piece polycarbonate edgeless design lens
• Extruded aluminium housing with powder coated finish
• Sealed DTP connector with separate trigger wire for
warning light
• Electronic thermal management (ETM)
• Lumens: 14000 raw, 11500 effective
• 1 Lux @ 460 metres
• Colour temp: 6000K
• Current draw: 10.2A @ 12V DC (Driving Light)
2.1A @ 12V DC (Warning Light)
• IP68/IP69K rated
• Approved by ECE R10, R112

This new Titan Series Lightbar sets a new standard in LED Lightbars here in Australia.
It features built in flashing amber warning lights on the ends of the light bar. Giving this light bar more than one purpose. The driving light part of this light bar is 150W and punches out a huge 14000 lumens.
It is a combination beam so gives a great shape and distance of light over the road in front of you. But the flashing amber warning lights on the ends set this apart from the rest.
These flashing amber warning lights can be seen at the front of the vehicle but not only that directly on the side being 90 degrees of the vehicle. This is because it uses side-reflecting optic technology.
This is a great solution for anyone that requires forward facing light and also amber flashing warning lights, that work individually or at the same time. This could include break down emergency vehicle, tow truck, tractor, machine, council vehicle, fleet company, traffic management, mining and more.