Roadvision – LED light bars Stealth S52


The Stealth 52 Series are a compact single row light bar series designed with a high intensity light output whilst still achieving mid to long range beam penetration – ideal for windier roads and bush tracks where maximum visibility and light intensity is required.
With larger 10W LED’s, the S52 Series delivers outstanding lumen performance of up to 19,436lm whilst still reaching up to 812m @ 1 lux from a 50” bar.

Below – is our available sizes  – make your selection from our easy to use drop down selector
Part Number        Distance            Size                   Bar Length            Lumens
RBL5250SC               1625m           1292x67x52mm       50″ (1292mm)       19463lm
RBL5240SC               1483m           1004x67x52mm      40″ (1004mm)       16500lm
RBL5230SC               1334m            812x67x52mm        30″ (812mm)          13779lm
RBL5221SC               1088m            524x67x52mm        21″(524mm)            9560lm
RBL5213SC                  721m            332x67x52mm        13″ (332mm)           6063lm

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Roadvision’s new Stealth Range of light bars represent the best performance from our new projector style lens in a light weight tough diecast aluminium housing. Available in single and dual row models from 7” to 52”, the smoked look lens and blackout mounting provide a low profile durable look producing up to 27,500lm of instant light output utilising Roadvision’s Thermal Management Technology.

The Stealth Series has been designed to deliver three unique performance characteristics with different combinations of distance or intensity suited to your main vehicle use and application:

  1. Long range slimline S40 Series reaches up to 917m @ 1 Lux and produces up to 14970lm.
  2. High intensity S52 Series reaches up to 812m @ 1 Lux and produces up to 19,436lm.
  3. The best of range and intensity from the S70 Series reaching up to 1118m @ 1 lux and producing up to 27,500lm.