Solar Charge controller 10amp 12/24 volt


Since every solar-powered device requires regulation to keep device from damage, a good controller, in this case is essential to protect the battery.

Our 10Amp solar charge controller is exactly born to guarantee full control of electrical flows and protection.
It features PWM 4-stage charging management which is absolute safe charging to batteries including Lead acid,deep cycle, Lithium iron phosphate battery. Dual mosfet reverse current protection are also integrated to offer an extra layer of protection.
Double USB ports are designed to offer more convenience in charging electronic devices.

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12V/24V LCD display,USB Charge
Build-in industrial micro controller
Fully 4-stage Charge management
Solar Controller Charge with USBX2
Bual mosfet reverse current protection,low heat production;
Suitable charge Lithium batteries.
Durable ABS Construction: Made of sturdy, flame-resistant ABS
PWM 3-Stage Charging Management:For a rapid, intelligent and safe charging.
Versatile Compatibility: suitable for both lead acid batteries, including OPEN, AGM GEL AND also Lithium iron battery.
LARGE screen LCD display which Provide you a real-time view of the input, output and battery conditions
Multiple Protection: Over temperature, low voltage, over voltage overcharging, over-discharging.
4 USB Ports: It has 4 USB ports that offer great convenience and flexibility for phone charging or home applications.