JW Speaker 12/24V LED Bulb Kit 6000K H4


Reflector Optimised
The Model Evolution 4000 is 180% brighter than a standard halogen bulb, has an expected life span of 30,000 hours and comes in an ultra white light of 6000K.


8 LED chip per beam – 25W
2000 Lumens per bulb
Precise light source
6000K colour
Ultra long life
12-24V Multivolt
Shock resistant
Will operate in temperatures -40/+130°C
IP65 Weather resistant

Engineered to be as precise and sharp as possible, this product’s beam pattern is a market leader. Not only does this range increase safety on the road but also the quality of low light driving as the colour and intensity helps to reduce fatigue, a high contributor to accidents on our roads at night.

Designed to perform best in a reflector style headlight (shown below), this powerful product is the premium halogen bulb replacement

Some vehicle electronic systems may conflict with the LED bulb. There are a limited number of vehicles who’s electronic systems may require the addition of a CANbus unit during installation. The CANbus unit will allow the vehicle’s electronics to accept the LED bulb into its system.

Before fitting the LED headlight conversion kit, we suggest you consult a qualified Auto Electrician or call Invision Sales to see if your vehicle is listed as requiring a CANbus product. The majority of vehicles will not require any additional products.


3 Year – Standard driving conditions: For normal day to day driving & recreational 4×4
1 Year – Off-Highway: For mining and industrial applications

Kit Contents

2 x LED Headlight bulbs