XView Dash Cam HD 1080P


The best value for money dash cam with 1080p HD footage and a built-in 2 inch screen, plus the AERPRO FMT255 Bluetooth FM transmitter in one pack.

The Xview XV10DVR captures great quality 1080p HD footage with it’s wide-angle 140 degree lens. This great value HD dashcam produces clear footage day and night with enough detail to record street signs, vehicle details and registration plates as well as audio. With a built-in 2 inch colour display, you can easy play back recordings directly on the back of the unit. This 1080p dash camera is always recording in loop mode onto the included 8GB memory card. This ensures an accident is never missed and if the built-in G sensors detect an impact while driving or parked, the unit will automatically save and lock the footage for future reference. The XV10DVR includes everything you need to get started including an adhesive mounting bracket, power cable and an 8GB Micro SD.

Xview dash cams are equipped with the latest in compact camera technology to offer a solution which won’t clutter your windscreen while recording the best quality footage of any scenic drives through the hills or any traffic accidents and collisions. Whether you want to record the scenes of your next road trip or provide detailed footage to strengthen an insurance claim, Xview has you covered. With a range of cameras and accessories, Xview has everything you need to get your car fitted out with a quality road recording system.

Their range includes:

  • Full HD dash cam kits
  • 4k Ultra HD dash cam kits
  • Dual dash cam kits (front and rear)
  • Hard-wiring kits

Xview dash cams are suited to varying budgets to cater for those looking for a cost-effective no-frills setup all the way up to feature-packed intelligent models for the most user-friendly experience. Just some of the tech which Xview pack into their dashcam setups includes WiFi connectivity for your smartphone to review and download footage. GPS tracking for accurate speed and location of the vehicle on video playback. Hand gesture control to capture an image with a simple wave of your hand. 4K ultra HD cameras for crystal-clear footage day and night to view street signs, road features and registration plates.

We’ve all seen the wild videos that are captured on dash cams from around the world and right here on our doorstep. It’s hard to believe that some of this could even happen on our roads, let alone capturing the footage to tell the story. If you want to protect your investment and have a witness on your windscreen, we recommend fitting an Xview Dash Cam in your car to have your back when it all goes pear shaped on the road. When it comes time to proving what happened in the event of an incident, you can rely on your Xview Dash Cam to record crystal clear footage that will pick up number plates, street signs and other important details to strengthen your case.

• 1080p HD resolution
• 140 degree wide-angle lens
• 2 inch colour LCD screen
• Included 8GB micro SD card
• Built-in motion sensors
• Audio recording